Asbestos Disposal

Ecological solutions for every need.

MGM specializes in the proper management of asbestos in compliance with current regulations of environmental sustainability.
The asbestos present in old buildings must be removed to ensure the healthiness of the environment. It represents a danger to humans: in case of degradation, the fibers can be inhaled causing serious health problems.

Environmental protection service

We are in possession of all the authorizations and certifications necessary for interventions on any type of territory using the highest systems of sanitation and environmental protection, we guarantee safe and timely interventions thanks to our team of experts able to handle even the most complex situations.

Maximum security and technology

The removal of asbestos is a delicate and complex operation: with our trained and qualified staff we deal with the safety of the places, the removal of the material and, therefore, the protection of human well-being.

We are equipped with the latest generation of instrumentation for the evaluation of suitable procedures and offer estimates and real operating times.