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Environmental Services

MGM was founded in 2007 and is a company dedicated to services for environmental protection and sustainability.

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What we do

Solutions and Tools

We specialize in offering quality and innovation in the delivery of tools and solutions in the field of ecology and logistics.

How we work

Green solutions for every need

We are constantly growing and updating in the areas of our expertise, our commitment to environmental protection is defined in the implementation of remediation and reclamation of contaminated sites.


Meet our staff

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Marco Sacco
Marco Sacco CEO
Michela Antoniello
Michela Antoniello Financial Administrative Office Manager
Liberatore Fierro
Liberatore Fierro Financial Administrative Office Manager
Stefania Bertone
Stefania BertoneEnvironment Office Manager
Vito Antoniello
Vito AntonielloHuman Resources Management Office
Renè Amoroso
Renè AmorosoTechnical Office

ELT regulations

Following the entry into force first of DM 82/2011 and later of D.M.A. n.182 of November 2019 “Regulations for the management of end-of-life tires (ELTs), pursuant to Article 228 of Legislative Decree No. 152 of April 3, 2006 and subsequent amendments and additions”, as of 07/09/2011, the responsibility for the management of ELTs in Italy has been extended to producers, in implementation of Article 228 of Legislative Decree No. 152 of 03/04/2006.

231 model compliance system

MGM has adopted the “Model of Organization, Management and Control” provided for in art. 6 D. Lgs. Legislative Decree No. 231/01, inspired by the guidelines of Confindustria, approved on 7 March 2002 and integrated in 2012, which is up to date with respect to all types of offence – predicate offence provided for in Legislative Decree 231/01 and applicable to the Company. The adoption of the MOG (Organisation, Management and Control Model) represents an important step towards rigour, transparency and a sense of responsibility in internal and external relations, while at the same time offering shareholders the best guarantees of efficient and correct management through the introduction of procedures to manage any risk situations.

Code of Conduct

Certifications and documents


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