ELTs Handling

End-of-Life Tire Management

How to manage ELTs

When a tire no longer has the indispensable characteristics for safe and efficient performance on a vehicle, it becomes “out of use” and must therefore be collected for recovery and recycling in special plants. The rubber that makes up the tire is in fact a mixture of high quality polymers with exceptional chemical and physical characteristics that remain unchanged even in the recycled rubber that is obtained.

MGM Ambiente is specialized in the proper management of this waste, ensuring, thanks to agreements with consortia, the proper recovery in full compliance with the circular economy.

We give value to ELTs

Italy produces about 350,000,000 kg of end-of-life tires every year and the possibilities of proper disposal of tire waste are unlimited. Giving new life to ELTs means producing a tangible value, both economic and environmental. 500,000 tons can become:

Football Fields
km of rubberized roads
km2 of acoustic insulation
tons of steel
Gwh of energy
km of railway vibration dampers

Proper management of the ELT recovery process

We take care of everything

We take care of the entire cycle of recovery and disposal to meet the needs of small, medium and large companies with: