Solar Green Power

Photovoltaic panel installations

Photovoltaic technology undoubtedly represents an indispensable element in the energy challenge of recent and future years, provided that it is used to the fullest and according to high-level design and construction criteria.
The high quality standard linked to the study, design and implementation of a photovoltaic production system is a necessary starting condition, so that the road can be paved for a perhaps not too distant future in which in many sectors, starting with the building sector, it will be possible to achieve, thanks to photovoltaics, almost total energy independence.

Comprehensive support for businesses and households

MGM stands as a crucial point of reference for the diffusion of this technology, guaranteeing a complete service starting from the analysis of user consumption for the correct sizing, up to the creation and networking of the system.
With our staff, we help businesses and families to have the most economically and technologically advantageous solution, also offering complete support for accessing regional tenders and funds (PNNR, AGRISOLARE).


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