Building solutions and financing practices

Building solutions and financing practices

MGM is also active in the building sector, offering the customer a high quality service, obtaining the maximum return from the funding allocated for this purpose.

It takes care of the fulfillment of all the authorization practices, from the project implementation to the execution and certification of the building, considering first of all the energy requalification and making it conform to the highest futuristic standards.

Sustainable building: respect and saving

Sustainable building means respect for the environment, considering that with the increase in energy class there is a reduction in CO2 production from 34kg/sqm/year to 8kg/sqm/year with an enormous decrease in the consumption of energy used for building services.

Recover 110% of the amount spent

With total discount on invoice.

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  • solutions for any customer
  • benefits from tax breaks
  • you get a considerable saving in the bill.
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